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[sticky post] Apr. 10th, 2013

This livejournal will be mostly for posting drabbles and prompt fills, while my "real" stories can be found here.
MasterlistCollapse )

[exo] Day to Day

Title: Day to Day (written for femmexo)
Pairing: Fem!Xiulay
Rating: R
Lenght: 1810 words
Warnings: Very brief smut
Prompt: Office au

Minseon often questioned how she'd ended up with Yixin as her secretary.Collapse )

[exo] I May Be Paranoid, but Not an Android

Title: I May Be Paranoid, but Not an Android (written for femmexo)
Pairing: Fem!Taosoo
Rating: PG-15
Lenght: 950 words
Warnings: Character death, violence
Prompt: Apocalypse/tech regression

The air in the abandoned car lot had once been heavy, filled with ash and dust.Collapse )

Femmexo Bingo Card

rival graffiti taggers girl group groupies werewolves friends with benefits makeup artists
dating as a single mom blind dates burlesque/showgirls cosplay/conventions apocalypse/tech regression
in the future bodyguards FREE

fairy godmother aliens
cirque de soleil farm steampunk diner au office au
a/b/o animal shelter cyberpunk online girlfriends hybrids

[exo] Going Where the Cold Wind Blows

Title: Going Where the Cold Wind Blows (written for femmexo)
Pairing: Fem!Suho-centric (will contain fem/fem pairings in the future)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/adventure/romance, pirate!au
Lenght: 2170 words
Warnings: Non-graphic death/violence (as can be expected from pirates), mentions of a forced arranged marriage.
Prompt: Is it still bad luck to have a woman on-board if the entire crew is women? (from juliella)

AN: This is just the first part of a series, as I didn't have time to include all the things I've come up with for this AU in this fic. I hope you'll like this Jae, sorry for not including neither smut nor romance (but trust me, it will come in the later parts!)

Sometimes she fantasized about being a sailor. Living her life on deck, every day filled with the fresh smell of the sea.Collapse )

[exo] Playgirls

Title: Playgirls (Originally posted for this prompt on exopromptmeme)
Pairing: (all fem!)Kai/Sehun/Tao
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, romance (?)
Lenght: 2095 words
AN: hahaha this sucks why am I even posting it

"Sorry dear, I just got tired of listening to all that gross heterosexual stuff our friend likes doing in her spare time.” Collapse )